It’s a man’s world…. not.

During a class assignment we were asked to pass a paper around with our ideas of topics we’d like to talk about written down. Well, as you could probably gather from the nature of my blog, I chose to keep one of my topics in the automotive world. Each student was to comment on the person’s idea, and either praise it or ask questions about it. Few people went so far as to criticize, as that wasn’t the point of the exercise.

Around and around the papers went, like literal clockwork, until the original paper was back in the owner’s hand.

Most of the questions were just stanard ones… but one question from a student with almost illegible handwriting irked me: “are women even interested in cars?”

This is no longer just a man’s world, people. Women play sports and video games, engage in politics, work in factories, police our streets, and serve our damn country on the front lines for crying out loud.

With times changing so much, is it really so difficult to believe that women could enjoy cars, too?

Take Grease Girl, for instance. This blogger, obviously a woman, engages in full engine rebuilds and restoration of vehicles… all while not being afraid to chip her nail polish (which, I may add, judging by her photos are usually in superb shape).

It’s such a masculine job, but there she is: a woman who enjoys make up and a little self pampering, working with grease and getting dirty in all the ways men think are invading their territory.

Is it really such a weird thing for women to be interested in cars? Weigh in below.


Wheels Wednesday!

BREAKING NEWS: Tires and wheels are NOT the same thing.

Okay, yes, I know that for many of you this is old news, if not common knowledge. But hey… I’m a college educated car geek and I’ve been using the two words interchangeably since the dawn of time… well, my time at least!

I’m embarrassed that I didn’t really get the difference until recently, but I know i’m not alone. So for those of you who are unclear of the differences and are in the same boat as myself, let’s get the difference straight once and for all.

Take a look at the ridiculous Hummer H3 above. Those strange, wooden contraptions holding it up aren’t tires, but wheels. The same wheel design that was invented during the stone age, and the same design that was found pre-automobile on carriages.impp_1002_01_o+honda_civic_si_projector_headlights+rims-shot

These days, wheels are commonly referred to as “rims”. And believe it or not, fools spend THOUSANDS upon thousands getting completely chrome rims for their cars. They’re super popular with rap stars, as you may have heard once or twice in their songs.




Our Tires, on the other hand, are those textured, easy to puncture rubbery protectants that go AROUND our wheels. Tires give our wheels traction and allow us to successfully move on snow, dirt, water, etc.

It’s easy to get them confused (as I did) because, in all fairness, they are wheel shaped.

Roll on, guys!

Men vs Women: Whose better at driving?

Okay guys, let’s get down, dirty, and controversial.

I stumbled across a random article online whose title managed to intrigue and irritate me all at once: “Women are Bad Drivers“. Yet before you start clicking that link, I must implore you not to waste your time on such a poor excuse of an “educational” piece.

Yet I take this….umm.. “authors”… words with a grain of highly concentrated salt. After all, the article, which is found on Askmen.com (your first hint that you’ll encounter sexism and copious reference to “titties”) has related links such as “Women can’t park” that suggests that “Maybe a study correlating bra size to parking speeds should be scheduled,” because apparently the theory as to why women are supposedly bad at parking is because their boobs get in the way.

But irregardless of some random idiots babbling on the internet (which, I’m sure, some may accuse me of as well…  and touche!), it does make me wonder: whose the better driver?

First, let’s look at some statistics.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, men are more likely to die behind the wheel than women, and are more than 50% more likely to be cited for reckless driving.

“Men take more risks behind the wheel than women, and so men are more likely to get into serious crashes,”

And it doesn’t stop there, check out these statistics from the early 2000’s.

Fatal passenger vehicle crash involvements per 100 million miles traveled, by driver age and gender, April 2001–March 2002:
Age Male Female Total
16-19 Crash Involvements: 4,257
Miles: 46,427,394,010
Rate: 9.2
Crash Involvements: 1,852
Miles: 35,264,476,105
Rate: 5.3
Crash Involvements: 6,109
Miles: 81,691,870,114
Rate: 7.5
20-29 Crash Involvements: 8,949
Miles: 225,999,581,860
Rate: 4.0
Crash Involvements: 3,172
Miles: 156,283,683,955
Rate: 2.0
Crash Involvements: 12,122
Miles: 382,283,265,815
Rate: 3.2
30-59 Crash Involvements: 15,027
Miles: 845,507,965,689
Rate: 1.8
Crash Involvements: 6,946
Miles: 551,350,306,430
Rate: 1.3
Crash Involvements: 21,973
Miles: 1,396,858,272,119
Rate: 1.6
60-69 Crash Involvements: 2,097
Miles: 128,814,817,845
Rate: 1.6
Crash Involvements: 1,008
Miles: 64,778,212,790
Rate: 1.6
Crash Involvements: 3,105
Miles: 193,593,030,635
Rate: 1.6
70-Plus Crash Involvements: 3,148
Miles: 76,991,652,560
Rate: 4.1
Crash Involvements: 1,571
Miles: 39,093,332,009
Rate: 4.0
Crash Involvements: 4,719
Miles: 116,084,984,569
Rate: 4.1
Total* Crash Involvements: 33,733
Miles: 1,324,373,970,682
Rate: 2.5
Crash Involvements: 14,633
Miles: 847,734,931,097
Rate: 1.7
Crash Involvements: 48,638
Miles: 2,172,108,901,779
Rate: 2.2

Honestly… these statistics really aren’t that surprising to me.

It’s men, not women, who speed through crowded parking lots in their little Honda, trying to show off that (sorry) not so impressive 4-cyl engine to the ladies walking by. unbeknownst to these guys, however, us ladies aren’t impressed. In fact, that rusty old piece of junk is a total turn off, and men who drive them would look more impressive if they stopped putting thousands and thousands into a broken shell and instead invested their money into a newer ride.

Speaking of money, us ladies are going to be spending less of it when it comes to our car insurance. Because men are more likely to get into accidents and get in trouble with the police for traffic violations, ladies don’t have to pay as high of a premium.

Seems like when it comes to driving, the score is settled: Women 1, Men 0. 

But I’m more interested in seeing your thoughts. Leave a comment below, and let the trolling begin!

Snow Day!


My 2010 Ford Mustang Premium, pre-storm.

Well our snowy, relentless New England winter continues. I can’t even back out of the garage today without getting stuck, making my hour-long commute to College absolutely impossible.

Oh the struggle of Rear Wheel Drive! Luckily, I have my Mother’s Subaru today.

If you absolutely need to be on the roads after (or, god forbid, during) a storm in a RWD car, try these tips:

  • Snow tires. Obvious, I know. Cars that are more on the sporty side (like my Mustang) tend to have tires that are more suited for a summer highway drive than a slushy, post-storm road. You’re going to need a lot more grip and traction on your tires if you’re to survive the roads easily, which snow tires do offer. They can be on the pricey side (which is why I don’t own them yet, personally), so I would reccomend purchasing them in the Spring or Summer when they are likely to be on sale.
  • Put the junk in the trunk. In order to greatly reduce fishtailing and sliding you need to put weight in your trunk. Sand bags are a perfect option, but basically anything that is heavy enough will do the job. Just make sure you aren’t adding too much weight, otherwise you’ll be taking “two-wheel drive” to a whole other level!
  • Kitty litter? Yes, kitty litter. If you’re caught in a icy jam in your driveway and can’t move, sprinkle kitty litter around the base of your tires and make a path behind the tires, as well. It’ll give your tires something to grip on, and with a little gas you should be able to make it out. If you don’t have a feline companion, then regular sand will do just fine!
  • Always have a shovel. Keeping a shovel in the trunk isn’t just for mafiaso! If you’re snowed in away from home (like I always tend to be at work), then dig yourself out! There’s plenty of compact shovels available in stores that can be easily stored in your trunk.
  • Prepare for the worst. Even with the best preparations, shit still tends to hit the fan. Always keep a gas can in the trunk in case you get stuck after running out of fuel. if you are low on gas (as I always am guilty as charged) then you run the risk of having your fuel freeze over. So to be safe, always keep AT LEAST half a tank during the winter. Equally as important is your warmth. I always keep a giant down comforter in the trunk, just in case. And ladies… keep your phone charged. You can’t call AAA on a dead battery.