Customize your vehicle!

Few of us really want to blend in to a crowd. That’s why we spend a lot of time and money customizing our homes, wardrobe, and even our phone cases!

And if you’re struggling in the parking lot trying to figure out just which car is yours, then maybe it’s time you start giving your automobile that same customized treatment. 

Break away from the crowd with these customizable ideas that are sure to make your vehicle stand out and make passers by say “wow”!

Change up the headlights! : Unless you have a higher end car such as an Audi, the factory headlights on your vehicle are probably pretty plain and boring. Try finding some halo projectors or other great looking headlights for your car instead to instantly change up it’s look! Halo projectors, for instance, will also will be an improvement for night driving. 

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Play with interior lighting: every vehicle I have owned has had led lights inside, giving the car a nice glow. This is especially great if your car has a dark interior. You’ll never have to worry about losing pennies and small items to the bottom of your car again. You can find interior led kits for as low as $20 online, and the process of installation isn’t too difficult. And I do have to say, most people who ride in my car at night are definitely jealous. 

Tint it up: Tinting your windows is a great way to instantly make your car look a lot fancier than it actually is. But beyond the visual appeal, it also will protect you from prying eyes and the beating sun. It can be pricey getting them done professionally, and even more of a pain in the ass to do it by hand, bu window tinting services is often on Groupon for a fair price. 

Change up the Rims: This one can be tricky. If you do it right, your car will look fresh, updated, and fancy. But, do it wrong and you’re going to look like a total idiot. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed at moronic people who put chrome rims on a minivan. Pick out new rims that will compliment your car, not rims that are meant for a Lamborghini. 

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Wheels Wednesday!

BREAKING NEWS: Tires and wheels are NOT the same thing.

Okay, yes, I know that for many of you this is old news, if not common knowledge. But hey… I’m a college educated car geek and I’ve been using the two words interchangeably since the dawn of time… well, my time at least!

I’m embarrassed that I didn’t really get the difference until recently, but I know i’m not alone. So for those of you who are unclear of the differences and are in the same boat as myself, let’s get the difference straight once and for all.

Take a look at the ridiculous Hummer H3 above. Those strange, wooden contraptions holding it up aren’t tires, but wheels. The same wheel design that was invented during the stone age, and the same design that was found pre-automobile on carriages.impp_1002_01_o+honda_civic_si_projector_headlights+rims-shot

These days, wheels are commonly referred to as “rims”. And believe it or not, fools spend THOUSANDS upon thousands getting completely chrome rims for their cars. They’re super popular with rap stars, as you may have heard once or twice in their songs.




Our Tires, on the other hand, are those textured, easy to puncture rubbery protectants that go AROUND our wheels. Tires give our wheels traction and allow us to successfully move on snow, dirt, water, etc.

It’s easy to get them confused (as I did) because, in all fairness, they are wheel shaped.

Roll on, guys!