first love

First love


Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

The blogosphere is abuzz with stories of romance and first love… so, although it’s totally cheesy, i’ll share mine.

My first love was a lady named Eleanor.¬†And shocker!… She’s a car.

Eleanor was the gorgeous and ferocious dark gray Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in Gone in 60 Seconds, a movie i’ve seen about 100 times since childhood.

I was still under 10 years old when I vowed to get my very own Eleanor. I searched the house for pennies, nickels, and occasionally stole quarters from my parents in order to save up and buy one for my sweet 16.

Well, that never happened.

But over a decade later my dreams came true. I purchased my very own dark gray mustang last year, and turning my car into a complete beast worthy of the Eleanor name has been an obsession ever since.