Is your blog a social commentary on how women are stereotyped?

Stereotypes against women have been discussed in this blog, and honestly, they’ll probably be discussed again! However, this blog isn’t about preaching to the choir about women’s rights, but instead it’s more of an informational guide for women on how to take your vehicle into your own hands.

Are you writing this as a professional who works on cars?

Absolutely not! I am by no means a professional mechanic. I’m simply a curious car enthusiast whose looking to know a lot more.

Will the average woman want to know about cars?

Well… unless they’re rolling in cash, they kind of have to. Women own cars just like men do, and women are well aware they are a costly investment. The more women know, the more money and time they can save in the long run.

It seems like you know a lot about cars, but do you really do a lot of your own mechanical work or do you go to a garage?

I try to do a lot of the work at home in my family’s own personal garage – all with the help of Daddy Dearest. But I do rely on my local garage for a lot of the things that are beyond my skill level, such as front end alignments and engine repairs. It’s great to learn how to do a lot of tune-ups yourself, but sometimes it’s definitely best to bring your car to the pros.

What’s your favorite car?

The Ford Mustang was my favorite car when I was five-years-old, and it’s my favorite car today. And if you read this blog, you will know that not only do I own one, but I never shut up about it. To be more specific, my favorite Mustang is the mid to late 60’s Shelby Gt500 super snake.

If you could review one car in person, what would it be?

Aston Martin. Hands down. Particularly the mid 2000’s Vanquish, I adore that car.

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