Brief Hiatus

Hey Everyone!

This month is set to be the busiest one of the year for me! I’m finally graduating from college next Saturday with my bachelors degree in communications! This week is going to be full of preparations to quit my awful retail job and find a new one in my related field. And on the 19th, which happens to be my 22nd birthday, I’m traveling to Paris and Milan for 10 days to study abroad. Then, when I get back I’m picking up my new puppy!

Wow… by writing this I’m realizing that I’m going to be a lot busier than I thought!

So to get all of this done, Just Clueless is going to be taking a brief hiatus! When I return we are going to explore a lot more easy vehicle modifications and some DIY ideas. And I may even head to the racing strip and report on that… who knows.

See you all soon,



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