Breaking down the “standards”

Hi I’m Kaila, a new contributor to Meg’s blog. I’ve always been in love with cars. Ever since I was a little girl looking at my dad’s beat up Hyundai with the shitty exhaust, I knew I loved cars.

About five years ago, I started dating a guy. We have since broken up, but in the four years that we dated I began to love cars even more. He was a mechanic, so cars became a huge part of my life.

What became an even bigger part of my life was the Subaru lifestyle. A lot of people think that owning a car is just, well, owning a car. That’s not the case when you own a Subaru. If you drive down the road and a Subaru drives by you, you automatically wave. If you go to a parking lot and there is a Subaru parked there, you must park right next to it. It’s a real thing. It’s a lifestyle, a family.

I bought my baby a couple years ago, a red, standard, 06 WRX. I named him Vlad. I’ve poured my heart and soul into him ever since.

As a woman driving a standard, and as a woman in the car world, I can say that it definitely gives you some street cred. When a guy automatically assumes that you can’t drive a standard cause’ you’re a woman, and you rip right out of the parking lot with your engine revving, it gives you a whole new power. You’re all like “fuck yeah, I just proved you wrong.”

But, it was never about proving anyone wrong. From the colors and mods, to the distinct subie rumble, to the rally races and the AWD, there’s nothing boring about Subarus. They excite me. They’ve started so many random conversations with so many random people. And, they’ve introduced me to WBM (Wicked Big Meet) which meets every year at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut.

WBM is the largest Subaru meet in the country. People buy tickets and drive from far away just to go. Hundreds upon hundreds of Subarus park in this humongous lot. Even the drive to Connecticut is intense, hundreds of Subarus pass each other on the highway. All of us are revving, racing, smiling, waving, looking and laughing.

Upon getting there you’re overwhelmed with how many amazing Subies there are. From the super old ones, to the ones that are wicked modded, to even the normal base models with nothing added, it’s like an annual family reunion. Everyone is prepared to meet people, catch up with friends, strike up conversations, and buy some new merch and parts. People even get new ideas for how to mod their cars from WBM.

An even cooler thing is to see how many women are a part of this. We aren’t so much a minority here, but rather an accepted thing. Guys are impressed and treat us as equals. Women even race men in the rally races on the speedway.

You may leave with a huge sunburn at the end of the day, (I have, twice) but that three day burn is well worth the feeling of being part of such a huge, accepting family and community.


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