We want *YOU* to buy American!

Every political campaign that I have seen within the last six years or so always seems to center around one point: jobs.

We either don’t have enough of them in the country, or we are giving them away to illegal immigrants for pennies on the dollar. Jobs this, jobs that, how to create more jobs… blah blah blah. You all know the spiel as well as I do.

If you’ve come across my blog before, you’re probably wondering why I, a self-proclaimed vehicle ignoramus, is here talking about jobs and politics. Honestly… I’m kind of wondering the same thing too actually. I’m still on the first season of ‘Game of Thrones‘ for crying out loud – clearly my priorities are all jumbled!

Well, to be serious, it’s a subject I take close to heart.

Those cars that I rant on and on about are all connected to jobs. Even though assembly lines have become a lot more mechanical, factories are still stock full of workers who do a variety of essential tasks. And it’s those same essential Detroit workers who have been for years laid off all over the fucking place.

America pioneered the entire automotive industry, yet we find our major automakers in need of Government bailouts? How is this even possible?

Sure, there were plenty of misguided business decisions along the way, but ultimately, theres one reason why our automotive industry has fallen behind:

America, you aren’t buying American cars. 

Yeah, I’m talking to you… little Miss or Mister “Oh I love my brand new Honda Civic! It’s the most dependable car on the road!”

I have to hold back my vomit anytime I hear words along these lines.  Yes, the rivalry between people who prefer domestic cars to those who prefer foreign is as old as the Yankees vs. the Redsox. And yes, it is true that for a good portion of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Japanese automakers did indeed create a better car.

They advanced their technology in ways that left American automakers behind, and everyone it seemed owned a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord.

But with all these people purchasing foreign cars, the American industry wained. I feel shame in the fact that Chrysler is now owned by the same Italian automaker that made this thing:

Times have gotten better, as now Ford and Chevrolet are pumping out not only absolutely beautiful cars, but also dependable ones. But if we are to see our only remaining American automakers survive, we need to purchase American cars. By letting them falter, we are simply just flushing American jobs down the shitter.

Choose wisely, invest in America, and long live Ford and GM.



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