It’s a man’s world…. not.

During a class assignment we were asked to pass a paper around with our ideas of topics we’d like to talk about written down. Well, as you could probably gather from the nature of my blog, I chose to keep one of my topics in the automotive world. Each student was to comment on the person’s idea, and either praise it or ask questions about it. Few people went so far as to criticize, as that wasn’t the point of the exercise.

Around and around the papers went, like literal clockwork, until the original paper was back in the owner’s hand.

Most of the questions were just stanard ones… but one question from a student with almost illegible handwriting irked me: “are women even interested in cars?”

This is no longer just a man’s world, people. Women play sports and video games, engage in politics, work in factories, police our streets, and serve our damn country on the front lines for crying out loud.

With times changing so much, is it really so difficult to believe that women could enjoy cars, too?

Take Grease Girl, for instance. This blogger, obviously a woman, engages in full engine rebuilds and restoration of vehicles… all while not being afraid to chip her nail polish (which, I may add, judging by her photos are usually in superb shape).

It’s such a masculine job, but there she is: a woman who enjoys make up and a little self pampering, working with grease and getting dirty in all the ways men think are invading their territory.

Is it really such a weird thing for women to be interested in cars? Weigh in below.


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